WHO: We are entering new phase in fight against coronavirus pandemic

Everything we have learned so far needs to be reconsidered again...

Baku, Jale Akbar, İnteraz - 20 August 2020, 13:42

“Now, we are entering a new phase in the fight against coronavirus pandemic,” said Hande Harmanci Head of the Country Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Azerbaijan, İnterAzreports.


She noted that many experts expect for increasing the numbers regarding coronavirus globally: “Everything we have learned so far needs to be reconsidered again. The WHO recommends imposing tighten quarantine regime not in all of the country but in individual regions after that.


It is very important for all countries to collect information on the disease condition of regions very well in order to localize the fight. It means that epidemiological systems should be reliable and in good condition. Certainly, the following contacts are also essential. Following those, who have been with infected people, and prevention their infecting others is extremely important. Countries should seek ways for returning to normal life in the following days and months. It means the use of all rules to be able to prevent infection of the disease while normal social and economic life continues. For instance, walking in the street will be free, but people will follow hygiene rules, keep a social distance.”