Number of COVID-19 cases confirmed worldwide exceeds 30.5 mln

19 September 2020, 16:48

The overall death toll is 951,787 people, while 20,779,174 coronavirus patients have already recovered.

Jump in France's daily COVID death toll tied to unreported hospital cases

19 September 2020, 16:04

That figure included 76 deaths registered in a hospital near Paris, according to an explanatory note issued online by Santé Publique France.

France urges Turkey to reopen 'responsible dialogue'

19 September 2020, 13:46

'Let's reopen responsible dialogue, in good faith, without naivety,' says President Emmanuel Macron.

Defense Minister: "The Azerbaijan Army is fully ready to suppress any provocations of the enemy and undertake strong retaliatory actions"

19 September 2020, 11:57

The Minister of Defense stressed that the latest information received and messages spread in the mass-media, as well as the military rhetoric in the speeches of the military-political leadership of Armenia.



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